愛在黎明破曉時 Before Sunrise

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導 演:Richard Linklate [甜蜜的強暴我]
演 員:Jesse--- Ethan Hawke [烈愛風雲 震撼教育]
            Celin--- Julie Delpy

美國青年Jesse 正在歐洲自助旅行,第二天就要飛回美國。法國學生Celine正要返回巴黎。兩人同時搭上歐洲列車,在短暫邂逅與投契交談後,Jesse 慫恿Celine一起下車與他共度在歐洲剩下的十數個小時,在維也納。


不過    他們分離時仍然做了一個重要的約定......

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        "Delusion Angel" By David Jewell

        Daydream delusion limousine eyelash
        Oh baby with your pretty face
        Drop a tear in my wineglass
        Look at those big eyes
        See what you mean to me
        Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
        I'm delusion angel
        I'm fantasy parade
        I want you to know what I think
        Don't want you to guess anymore
        You have no idea where I came from
        We have no idea where we're going
        Latched in life
        Like branches in a river
        Flowing downstream
        Caught in the current
        I'll carry you
        You'll carry me
        That's how it could be
        Don't you know me?
        Don't you know me by now?

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        另外一首裡面用到的詩,至於是在哪裡用到的?... hee..

        "As I Walked Out One Evening" by W. H. Auden

        As I walked out one evening,
            Walking down Bristol Street,
        The crowds upon the pavement
            Were fields of harvest wheat.

        And down by the brimming river
            I heard a lover sing
        Under an arch of the railway:
            "Love has no ending.

        "I'll love you, dear, I'll love you
            Till China and Afica meet,
        And the river jumps over the mountain
            And the salmon sing in the street.

        "I'll love you till the ocean
            Is folded and hung up to dry
        And the seven stars go squawking
            Like geese about the sky.

        "The years shall run like rabbits,
            For in my arms I hold
        The Flower of the Ages,
            And the first love of the world."

        But all the clocks in the city
            Began to whirr and chime:
        "O let not Time deceive you
            You cannot conquer Time.

        "In the burrows of the Nightmare
            Where Justice naked is,
        Time watches from the shadow
            And coughs when you would kiss.

        "In headaches and in worry
            Vaguely life leaks away,
        And time will have his fancy
            To-morrow or to-day.

        "Into many a green valley
            Drifts the appalling snow
        Time breaks the threaded dances
            And the diver's brilliant bow.

        "O plunge your hands in water
            Plunge them up to the wrist;
        Stare, stare in the basin
            And wonder what you've missed."

        "The glacier knocks in the cupboard,
            The desert sighs in the bed,
        And the crack in the tea-cup opens
            A lane to the land of the dead.

        "Where the beggars raffle the banknotes
            And the Giant is enchanting to Jack,
        And the Lily-white Boy is a Roarer
            And Jill goes down on her back."

        "O look, look in the mirror,
            O look in your distress;
        Life remains a blessing
            Although you cannot bless."

        "O stand, stand at the window
            As the tears scald and start;
        You shall love your crooked neighbor
            With your crooked heart."

        It was late, late in the evening
            The lovers they were gone;
        The clocks had ceased their chiming,
            And the deep river ran on.

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以下是我收藏的Before Sunrise的劇本,因為功課繁忙,可能要分多次才Post的完.
著作權屬作者 Richard Linklater和 Kim Krizan.請勿作商業用途之用.


Wife: Will you put down that damn newspaper and listen to me?

Husband: What've I been doing the last thirty minutes? Would you SHUT UP
for Chrissake?

Wife: You shut up! How dare you tell me to shut up! It's the same damn
thing all over again!I can't believe...

Husband: I said shut up! I am putting down my newspaper and telling you
to shut up!

男女主角 E=Ethan Hawke; J=Julie Delpy

E: Do you have any idea what they're arguing about? Do you speak English?

J: Yes. But no, I don't know, my German is not that good. Have you ever
heard that as couples get older, they lose their ability to hear each ohter?

E: Really?

J: Supposedly men lose their ability to hear higher-pitched sounds and
women eventually lose hearing on the low end. I guess they sort of
nullify each other or something.

E: Must be nature's way of allowing couples to grow old together and not
kill each other, I guess.What are you reading?

J: How about you?

E: I was thinking about going to the lounge car sometime soon. Would you
like to come with me?

J: Yeah.
E: So how do you speak such good English?

J: I went to school for a summer in Los Angels and I've spent some time
in London. How do you speak such good English?

E: I am American.

J: You're Ameerican? Are you sure?

E: Yeah.

J: No, I am joking. I knew you were American, and, of course, you don't
speak any other language, right?

E: Yeah, yeah. I'm the dumb, vulgar American who has no culture, but I
tried. I want you yo know I took four years for French. I tried, I was
ready. When I was in Paris, I was standing in line at the metro going
"Un billet, s'il vous plait." And then I got up to the window, I looked
at the lady, and blanked out. "Uh, uh, I need a ticket for the subway."
No more French for me. So where are you headed?

J: Back to Paris. My class starts next week.

E: Where do you go to school?

J: La Sorbonne, you know?

E: Sure. But you were in Budapest?

J: Yeah. I was visiting my grandmother.

E: How is she?

J: Okay. How about you, where are you going?

E: Vienna.

J: What's there?

E: I don't know. I'm flying out of there tomorrow morning.

J: Are you on holiday?

E: I don't really know what I'm on. I've just been travelling around
riding the train for the last two or three weeks.

J: Were you visiting friends, or just going around on your own?

E: I visited a friend in Madrid for a while, but mostly I've just
been... I got one of those Eurail passes...

J: So has this trip been good for you?

E: Well, you know sitting for weeks on end looking out window has
actually been kind of great.

J: What do you mean?

E: You have ideas that you ordinarily wouldn't have. You want to hear

J: Yes.

E: Some friends of mine are there access cable producers, you know
anyone can produce a program, and they have to show it. I  got really
jazzed about it. I imagined a show I want to produce that would last an
entire year, twenty-four hours a day. I want to get 365 different video
producers around the world to each make their own twenty-four-hour-long
document of real time, capturing life around them just as it is lived.
So it'd be people waking up, taking a long shower, getting a cup of
coffee and reading
the paper for twenty minutes, a long drive to work.

J: You mean all those boring, mundane things everyone has to do every
day of their life? The poetry of day-to-day life?

E: You say it the way you say it. I'll say it the way I say it.

J: I like that.

E: No, listen, think about it like this. Why is it that a dog sleeping
in the sun is so beautiful, but a guy at a bank machine trying to take
some money out looks like a complete moron?

J: It's like any National Geographic program but on people.

E: Yeah. What do you think?

J: I can see it. Twenty-four boring hours and a three-minute sex scene
where he falls asleep right after.

E: That would be a great episode. People would talk about that episode.
You and your friends could do one in Paris if you wanted to. The key,
the thing that kind of haunts me is the distribution, getting these
tapes from town to town, city to city, so that it would play
continuously. It would have to play all the time or else it just
wouldn't work.
J: My parents have never really spoken of the possibility of my falling
in love or getting married or having children. Even as a little girl,
they wanted me to think about a future career as a TV newscaster, or
dentist, or something like that. I'd say to my dad I wanted to be a
writer and he'd say JOURNALIST.
I'd say I wanted to have a refuge for stray cats and he'd say
VETERINARIAN. I'd say I wanted to be an actress and he'd say TV
NEWSCASTER. It was this constant conversion of my fanciful ambitions
into practical, money-making ventures.

E: I always had a pretty decent bullshit detector, when I was a kid. I
always knew when they were lying to me. By the time I was in high
school, I was dead set on listening to what everyone thought I should be
doing with my life and then almost systematically never get excited
about other people's ambitions for my life.

J: If you have parents that never fully contradict anything you want to
do and are basically nice and supportive, it makes it harder to
officially complain, even when they are wrong. It's this passive
aggressive shit. I can't stand it.

E: Yeah, but despite plenty of bullshit, I still remember being a kid as
a magical time. I remember my mom explaining death to me, and telling me
that my great-grandmother in Florida had died. The whole family had just
visited them. I must have been three, three and a half years old.
Anyway, I was playing in the backyard a day or so later, and my sister
had taught me how to spray the garden hose into THE sun and see a
rainbow. Well, I was spraying it and through the mist I could see my
great-grandmohter stannding there, just kind of smiling, looking at me.
I just held the hose in that position off the nozzle, let the hose go,
and she disappeared. My parents gave me this rap about how I imagined it
and how when people die you never see them again. But, I knew what I had
seen, and even though I've never seen anything like that since, I've
never really been very afraid of death.

J: That's good you can have that attitude toward death. I think I am
afraid of death twenty-four hours a day. That's why I'm on the train. I
could have flown to Paris. I'm just afraid of flying. Even though
statistics say it is safer, I can't help it. When I'm sitting in a
plane, I already can see an explosion, me falling through the clouds. I
am so afraid of the few seconds of consciousness before dying. I mean,
when you know for sure you're gonna die. I can't help anticipating for
the worst. Like, I was in the park with this friend of mine. There were
little kids playing around. This mother was throwing her child up in the
air. My friend was smiling and thourht it was so wonderful, and all I
could think of was her dropping it. I could already see all the blood on
the ground. The big panic, the mohter crying ...I think like this all
the time. It's exhausting.This is Vienna. You get off here, no?

E: Drag. I wish I would have met you earlier. I really like talking to you.

J: It was really nice talking to you, too.

E: I've hardly talked to anyone in weeks.
E: I have an admittedly insane thought. If I don't ask you this, it'll
be one of those things that will haunt me forever.

J: What? What?

E: I want to keep talking with you. I mean I have no idea what your
situation is but I feel some kind of...connection.

J: Yeah, me too.

E: So how about this. Okay, good...I want you to get off here in Vienna
with me. We can check out the town.

J: So what would we do?

E: I don't know. All I know is I 'm getting on this Austrian Airlines
flight at nine-thirty tomorrow morning and I can't really afford a hotel
and we'll probably just wander around all noght. If I turn out to be a
psycho, you can bail out anytime and get back on the next train, right?
Think of it like this. Jump ahead ten, twenty years. Your marriage just
doesn't have that same energy any more. You start to blame your husband.
You think of all the guys you've met and all the ones you never pursued
and how things might have been different if you'd just picked up with
one of them. Well, I'm one of them.
You can consider this traveling back in time, to see what you are
missing. See, this is really a big favor to both you and your future
husband-it's a chance to see how you really haven't missed anything.
That I'm just as boring and unmotivated as he is, hopefully more.

J: I am not sure if I got all the story, but let me get my beg.
J: What's your name?

E: My name? It's just Jesse. It's James actaully, but everyone always
calls me Jesse.

J: Your mean Jesse James, no?

E: No, no, just Jesse.

J: I'm Celine.

to be continued...

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>   我很喜歡一部片...:)   茱麗蝶兒和伊森霍克在火車上邂逅...
>   兩個人一天交談...卻像是一輩子心靈相通...歡他們兩個邊走邊談悠閒....
>   心醉於他們海闊天空聊著....雖只有一天...在黎明之前ㄉ時光...
>   反而成了一種巧合... 讓彼此更珍惜彼此.... 我會想...如果沒有離別...
>   這就不會是一部好片了.......該說...得不到最美 ?   還是...遺憾才是最美 ?

這是一部開放性思考的電影    她就是美在一天就結束
我永遠記得茱麗蝶兒最後在火車上滿足的睡去    那美麗的臉龐
誰說他們得不到彼此呢    或許有遺憾吧    但我相信如果那是真愛

還記得那一幕    天亮了    他們一同走在維也納的小巷裡
忽然聽到旁邊的屋內傳出鋼琴聲    伊森霍克專注地看著茱麗蝶兒
似乎想把她的容貌永遠記住    害怕失去那美麗的記憶
然後他們隨著那音樂跳了舞起來    在那一刻我看見了永恆
即使離別在即    他們也不會忘了在這當下要讓彼此快樂

每個人都期待能有個人能存在    他能聽你說    和你分享
一起感受    一起做一些好玩要有兩個人以上才敢做的事

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>   詩名叫"錯覺天使"吧 請問有人知道嗎? 作者.全詩.原文...

  作者我沒有記  不過有一次我和同學一起把詩聽寫下來
  An Delusion Angel

Day dreams illusions limousine eye lash
Oh baby!  With your pretty face
Drop tear with my wine glass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet cakes and milkshakes
A delusion angle
A fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don't want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
You have no idea where we're going
Launched in life
Like branches in the river
Flowing down stream
Caught in the current
I carry you
You carry me
That's how it could be
Don't you know me
Don't you know me by now

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>  大家有看過這部戲嗎? 伊森霍克與茱莉碟兒九年前演的.
>  九年後的今天又演了一部"愛在巴黎日落時" 但我覺得九年的少女少男
>  真的很美也很帥.  對白不落入俗套,雖然整部戲只有他們兩個,
>  但確可以讓人一看再看,一直品味於他們的對話內容.
>  但九年後的這部戲似乎就沒有那麼有吸引力.   大家覺得呢?

   我覺得時空背景的不同   造就了兩部不同味道的電影
   九年前的 BEFORE SUNRISE   是兩個青年偶然相遇的羅曼史   是純粹的
   九年後的 BEFORE SUNSET   是兩個經歷過風霜的男女
   確認彼此是否為唯一真愛   但因為過去的錯過   而害怕、猶疑、不安
   不停的試探   兩部味道很不一樣   如果你是浪漫的人
   那就看完BEFORE SUNRISE後   用自己的想像力編造一個夢幻的結局

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    導演李查林克雷特《Richard Linklater》本來就是個神人,他可以在
    輕狂】《Dazed and Confused》、【搖滾教室】《School of Rock》…

    在【愛在日落巴黎時】《Before Sunset》大成功後,引起很多人注意
    想回去看看九五年的這部愛情 cult 電影,【愛在黎明破曉時】
    《Before Sunrise》。看片子的順序當然要從【愛在黎明破曉時】看起





    伊森霍克《Ethan Hawke》和茱莉蝶兒《Julie Delpy》很自然地演出男





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