ID4 星際終結者 Independence Day

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標題: Re: 說出你對電影中最深刻的句子吧!
時間: Sun Oct  6 20:25:43 1996

 Good morning. Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will
join others from around the world, and you will be launch in the largest
aerial battle in the history of mankind. Mankind that word should have new
meaning for us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences
anymore. We will be united in our common interest. Perhaps it's fate that
today is the Fourth of July and you will once again be fighting for our
freedom. Not from tyranny oppression or persecution, but from annihilation.
We're fighting for our right to live, to exist. And should we win the day,
the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as
the day when the world declared in one voice "we will not go quietly into
the night", we will not vanish without a fight, we're going to live on,
we're going to survive, today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

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標  題: Re: 誰知道啊???????
發信站: 中大資管龍貓資訊天地 (Fri Jun 11 12:29:38 1999)

         " In less than an hour from now, over one hundred of you will fly north
 to confront an enemy more powerful than any the world has ever known.As you
 do so, you will be joined by pilots from around the worldas they launch simi-
 lar attacks against the other thirty-five ships attacking the earth.The bat-
 tle you will join will be the single largest aerial conflict in the history
 of mankind."
      "The word takes on a new meaning for all of us today.If any good has
 come from this savage and unprovoked attack on our planet, it is the recog-
 nition of how much we humans share in common.It has given us a new perspec-
 tive on what it means to live on this earth together.It has shown us the
 insigficance of our thousand petty difffereces from one another and reminded
 us of our deep and abiding common interests.The attack has changed the course
 of history and redefined what it means to be human.From this day forward, it
 will be impossible to forget how interdependent the races and nations of the
 world truly are."
   "I think there'sa certain irony that today is July the Fourth,America's
 anniversary of independence.Perhaps it is fate that once again, this date
 will mark the beginning of a great struggle for freedom.But this time, we
 will fight for something even more basic than the right to be free of tyranny
 ,persecution, or oppretion.We will fight against an enemy who will be satis-
 fied with nothing less than our total annihilation.This time we will be
 fighting for our right to live, for our very existence."
      "An hour from now, we will confront a strange and deadly adversary, an
 army more powerful than humanity has ever faced.I'm not going to make any
 false promise to you.I cannot offer any guarantee that we will prevail,but if
 ever there wew a battle worth fighting, this is it.And as I look around me
 this morning, I realize how extraordinarily I am to be here, at this critical
 moment, surrounded by people like you.You are patriots in the original and
 truest sense of the word:people who love their home and are willing to lend
 their talents, skills and, in some cases, even their lives to the task of
 defenging it.I consider it an honor to be allowed to fight alongside you, to
 raise my voice in chorus with yours and declare, whether we win or lose, we
 will not go quietly into the night!We will not vanish without a fight, but
 struggle fiercely for what is rightfully ours, our heads held high until the
 very last moment."
      "And if we succeed,"
 "if we somehow accomplish this thing that seems so impossible, it will
 be the most glorious victory imaginable.The Foruth of July will no looger be
 known only as an American holiday, but as the day when all the nations of the
 earth stood shoulder to shoulder and shouted:"We will not lay down and die.
 We will live on!We will survive!"Today,"
      "we celebrate our Independence Day!"

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標  題: Re: 請問一下ID4裏 演總統的是誰?
發信站: 中山醫學院BBS站 (Tue Jan 19 10:35:14 1999)

:      很多地方令人懷疑    外星人是不是白癡    像轟炸城市還倒數咧
:      為甚麼不直接轟掉?   母艦也很好混入   而且這麼發達的科技
:      隨便一種電腦病毒就幹掉了



我想在 ID4 裡的外星人並沒有名字吧! 但我個人認為他們可能也叫自己"人類", 也可能叫 "MS"(只是發音不同, 比如人類聽起來像 "IBM")怎麼說? 且讓我一一道來!

母艦的大小為四分之一的月亮, 裡面的東西還真是不少
--- (和 Win95 一樣, 很大, 不知道幹什麼用的東西很多)

母艦內部似乎保全不周, 一架有"人"的且為 50 年前的太空船(早就報遺失了)都不能及時發現, 最後還得外星人打開"Window"才發現裡面有人, 病毒都已經入侵了說--- (和 Win95 一樣, 只要是程式, 不管是什麼, 都會給他通行權 ! 一點也不知道那個程式是否有毒, 最後還是由使用者發現螢幕上出現"你已中毒"才知道中毒了)

--- (和 Win95 一樣, 系統內部安全不可靠, 常一當機就玩完了, VFAT 也會跟著不見!  而中毒時, 整個系統歸病毒管轄, 不能自己)

小碟型艦要花一段時間才能佈署完畢, 然後行動
--- (和 Win95 一樣, 安裝軟體的過程是不能亂動的, 以免出錯)

在佈署小型艦時還會用用科技水準很差的地球人衛星來通訊, 然後給地球人發現而使部分地球人逃過一劫
--- (和 Win95 一樣, 使用到 DOS 的程式, 但又作不好, 常常造成系統的死角, 增加中毒當機的可能)

五十年前的戰鬥機, 被地球人設計出病毒, 癱瘓掉防護罩, 然後依此類推, 也剛好適用於那個母艦本體, 然後就很容易被摧毀
--- (和 Win95 一樣, 很容易給病毒侵略,
       連早期的 DOS 病毒也有支援, 使系統容易完蛋)

雖然各小型艦的主砲威力強大, 但只要一被打擊, 即可使本體完全被摧毀
--- (和 Win95 一樣, 雖然有 Office 可用, 但一出錯, 可能系統也跟著完了)

所以說, 那個外星人很可能是將來地球人的借鏡! 因為 MS 實在是有點太大了!

倘若外星人是用 OS/2 型態設計呢?

母艦本體也許可以不用那麼大, 可能比較像 Brog (Star Trek) 一個小方塊就可以了
--- (OS/2 的核心小不小, 我不知道. 我只知道 OS/2 的核心並不容易使"病毒帶原者"通過, 這樣算小吧!?)

--- (OS/2 的程式必須通過系統的限制, 方可執行, 所以 OS/2 的病毒不好寫, 何以得知? 病毒 for OS/2 少嘛!)

母艦本體結構能更結實, 可有效防止核彈所造成的損壞
--- (OS/2 的 HPFS 硬碟技術, 既使系統出了差錯, 也不會損及各檔案的連結, 只要把損壞部份裝回來就可以了. 就算那個 DOS Session 中毒了, 只要把它關掉, 再解解毒也就好了)

小碟型艦可先到那個定點就先攻擊(自由射擊), 使地球人一點緩衝的時間都沒有
--- (OS/2 的多工, 可以在一邊裝 OS/2 or 其它軟體情形下, 還可以執行其它的程式, 更有效率完成工作)

既使要花點時間佈署小碟型艦, 也要使用自己的科技,
--- (OS/2 從頭到尾可以不用 DOS 的程式, 這樣從那裡中 DOS 毒呢?)

小碟型艦的火力不用太大, 只要多幾個火砲就足以剷平地面的建築物, 而且各火砲因能量小, 不易發生給地球人一擊就毀掉小碟型艦的蠢事發生
--- (OS/2 的程式很多都是小巧有力, 將來配合較大的 AP, 將可使工作更快完成. 咦,  那個 WINOS2 當了啊, 砍了它便是, 想當我 OS/2, 門都沒有)

嗯 ..... 這部影片表示什麼呢? 這表示 ID4 確實也考慮了外星人可能和我們一樣,